TheFroyoMod2.1.2B ROM Italiana para Milestone

jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010
Como ya se viene haciendo costumbre, todas las semanas estoy probando una ROM distinta, para encontrar la perfección en nuestros Milestone! Esta vez le toco el Turno a TheFroyoMod 2.1.2

Que el nombre no los confunda con FroyoModv3 de OHNO, esta ROM es de un Italiano llamado Luca, quien fue el creador de la EclairMod (una de las mejores modificaciones para Eclair). Las Modificaciones en esta ROM son bastante buenas (y bastante largas para enumerarlas). Adicionalmente a esto el mismo Luca se ha dado a la tarea de Adaptar unos Themes sumamente buenos que le dan una apariencia increíble!

Esta ROM se podría decir que es una ensalada de ROMS; es una mezcla de las mejores opciones de todas las ROMS, hacks y tweaks creadas para Milestone  lo cual hace de esta una ROM muy personalizable y estable.

Las Modificaciones de TheFroyoMod 2.1.2 son las siguientes (Cita Original):

To the plain AOSP Rom, I've applied the code taken from Cyanogen and Cvcps team, to reach some results, starting from the applications:

MusicMod 1.75.2 Built from Eliot Stocker source, provides a variety of settings, features and UI really better than the native plyer, and adds support for widgets from 2x2 to 4x4 (with all variants in the middle )
PhoneMOD v30.1 Cytown, also a highly useful application, it adds a lot of utility and phone settings(in "settings-> call settings")
ContactMOD v1.2 by Wysie, this is one of the greatest MOD, the application will contain a series of enormous utility in the settings and abilities like (to name just one) launch SMS directly from the dialer!
SMS/MMS Mod from Cyano 6.1 This mod allows a series of deep and radical settings, also lets you choose the background color, notification color and allows fast sending text messages via the long press of Shearch
EmailMODthis is a mod "Minor-like" but strong interest, the idea is original of shafty023 XDA user, I limited only to recompile for Milestone, this model offers full support for Exchange, which removes any Exchange Security Policy, provides also some new features like the "select all" and all the folders and not just the inbox.
WidgetPicker MOD change management in the homescreen selector widget, widgets are in fact now willing to "application", you will see only one entry per app which then lead to a dialog where you can choose the widgets (2 or more) and offers an organization therefore ORDERED AND MUCH MORE CLEAR!
Gallery3d MOD codes from mrPjer, Modded by ME This time I return to 3d gallry, as I resolved some of his main problems:
Now it supports: 24bit depth
FULL RESOLUTION photos! (no more blurry zoom!!)
High resolution thumbnails
Perfect camera integration!

Those are great improvements, but sadly the higher res photo, make the gallery a little slower to CREATE thumbnails (but then is even faster than a normal one!)

Gmail 2.3
QuickOffice: This is very very nice, is that of DroidX / 2, has the ability to create documents EXCEL and DOC, and (for those who want to) there is the registration to the service and gorgeous graphics XD
DSPmanager This comes from the creator of the CM DspManager, this is a newer version,fully working!
(In order to work I had to change it to allow to EQ) -> this replaces AudioManager.apk being much more complete!
Spareparts MODDED This now includes additional options to trigger some particularities (such as notification color, a common Mod in Cyanogen and Cvcps!), Launcher otions (but later I talk about the launcher) and Recent apps number!!->NEW- Now you can enable/disable %of battery and change notifications colours WITHOUT rebooting!!
Launcher2.apk -> Rolled back to original G2 3d 7screen launcher, IF YOU DON't LIKE IT JUST CHANGE IT YOURSELF!

PowerWidged MOD -> credits cyanogen -> The same power widget of cyanogenMOD

Now, FroyoMOD (like the eclair) tends to be a MOD "substance" that the changes are under the hood!
So here are the changes to the system that go beyond the usual applications:

BUILT from AOSP source using googe/cvcps/cyanogen code!
Rom fully ZIPALIGNED and optimized to have a speed and a smaller footprint on the system's RAM (updated)
ADBD-on boot (Starts ADB shell as ROOT from the beginning! Allow many command-like mounting- that would otherwise wuould be not allowed)(updated)
DSN-Fix-> tweak the default.prop to change the DSN with the google, allowing a connection faster and more reliable!
apn.conf of Cyanogen- 6.1 contains much more apn for global use! : D
Icon battery perchentage in statusbar! (obviously remaining faithful to the original android look!)


Those are an original idea of Dext3r_nb wich I used to give the phone some Fast commands to easy up everyday life:

LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + E -> enable app2sd hack (all apps to sd card)
LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + A -> app2sd set to automatic
LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + B -> ads blocked
LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + P -> ads showed
LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + X -> battery calibration (credit to Dext3r)
LEFT SHIFT + RIGHT ALT + SPACE -> Restart RIL drivers (credit to Dext3r)

To this, also we have:
Reboot Menu in PowerMENU (with reboot to recovery, normal or bootloader) -> Credits CVCPs!
Change song with volume keys when screen is off -> cyanogen (originally taken from cvcps but had problem, and rolled back to cyanogen code!)
NEW-> Play/Pause Music with CamKey when screen is off -> Credits to ME xD (to make it I've inspired myself seeing what Cyanogen done with the VolumeKeys and replicate and adapt it to the CamKey!)
Locked HOme in Memory by default-> modding init.rc, I found that the oom_killer can be set, so home is set to 0, the lowest priority possible (but still killable); this way (togheter with the modified Task-sheduler options) the Rom will be much more fast, as the home has (nearly) never to be re-opened!

Build.prop hacks:
I modified the build.prop including:
mot.proximity.delay reduced to 250ms, making the screen much faster to on/off while calling
fix ring delay
Dalvik heapsize
: 36m ---> really no exaggeration to say that dramatically improves performance!
scan wifi fix set to 150 seconds to conserve battery
30 fps better audio hack (which is the result of another) to improve the quality audio / video
windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=60-> making the windowsmanager much more responsitive and scrolling is smoother!
NEW-> ro.telephony.default_network=0-> Will prefer UMTS networks, will still switch to 2g when necessary, but with less frequency, giving us more battery 

Hacks in media_profiles.xml:
Hack recorder at 30fps
hack bitrate audio / video
Camera Hack ---> Compression set to 100 (no compression) and increased memory footprint, the picture gains! (And thanks to the new gallery seems a different story!)
4 POINT MULTITOUCH SUPPORT FOR MILESTONE- abilited by a little hack in build.prop

The script that will start to boot, are located in the /system/etc/init.d, and are simple script with no extension (info for whoever want to add / edit the script)

01Sysctl-support tweaking the kernel! instead of creating a script where you write tweak using "sysctl-w" now using "sysctl-p" reads the sysctl.conf file in /system/etc
02Memhack-displacement Dalvik cache in /cache, a lot of free space in /data and in combo with the app2sd Froyo, almost does not feel the need of app2sd (with ext2)
06vending - modding the Market preferences to make it faster! (credit to ME)
08KernelTweak-Tweaking much things, wil explain later
09zpa Zipalign automatic all-System apk to boot!
10Overclock-overclock the cpu
11Governor-interactive by default installs the charge but also the conservative (type SetCPU)
60_autoboot_or boot-script to direct recovery (without passing the original one) .-> support for 1.43 OpenRecovery or more and and AndroidianiOpenrecovery from 2.0
70_adbd_during_boot-adbd to boot the adb shell directly as root! (updated)

tweak allows the use of more aggressive internal task killer android, allowing a more frequent freeing of memory (but does not affect with active app in the background and services of course), with this tweak (and that of the kernel) the Milestone hitch such as oil, is really smooth and fast and IMPROVES BATTERY LIFE (free 50mega at least)

"1536,2048,4096,10240,11520,14080" -> Those are the values

In past build, a too much aggressive killer for internal apps, brought problems with phone, now it ALL OK!

This is the Tweaks optimized for Froyo (past one was still for eclair...)
Those are the values:

/system/xbin/echo 2048 > /proc/sys/kernel/msgmni
/system/xbin/echo 64000 > /proc/sys/kernel/msgmax
/system/xbin/echo 268435456 > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
/system/xbin/echo 500 512000 64 2048 > /proc/sys/kernel/sem
/system/xbin/echo "24319" > /proc/sys/kernel/sched_features
/system/xbin/sysctl -w kernel.sched_compat_yield=1
/system/xbin/sysctl -w kernel.sched_child_runs_first=0
/system/xbin/sysctl -w kernel.threads-max=5000
/system/xbin/sysctl -w net.core.wmem_max=524288
/system/xbin/sysctl -w net.core.rmem_max=524288
/system/xbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_tw_recycle=1
/system/xbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_rmem='6144 87380 524288'
/system/xbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_wmem='6144 87380 524288'
With this little tweak, the performance of i/o are improved, as well as memry speed!

GOVERNOR AND OVERCLOCKING-> Updated to optimize battery!
basic overclock is now decaresed to 900MHz ULV!, is composed of:
900MHz VSEL 53
600MHz VSEL 40
450MHz VSEL 33
250MHz VSEL 26
So it is not very extreme overclock, with a very low VSEL suitable for greater Battery life!and a DOWNVOLTING much more pronounced for the middle states (used From interactive and conservative) that allow saves a lot of battery!
The governor's base is conservative, you can change yourself the script to access the interactive or use set-cpu.

for now we know the ext2.ko do not work with the new kernel, but I have arranged in another way:
By tweaking the native app2sd Froyo, I changed the default installation on SD; EVERY APP is automatically installed on SD ALTHOUGH NOT DIRECTLY SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER
Certainly, the app still take something on /data, but also due to memhack I installed nearly 20 app and still 100mega free!
A good "hobby" until we will be able to recompile the ext2.Ko.
You can manage app2sd with the dedicated script from a terminal!

apps2sd [-a] [-i] [-e] script to enable, disable or automate app2sd Froyo, just type apps2sd to get a little help, type [-a] for the automatic version (the one Froyo original) [-i] to turn off and always use only the memory of the phone, [-e] to use ALWAYS SD
ads [-b] [-s] ads blocker, WHETHER IN BROWSER THAT APPS, [-b] to block ads, [-s] to show
Cachetool [-mv] [-rm]- moves cache to sd, or perfom a wipe of dalvik cache (with also a reboot)
mountrw / mountro script to mount in read / write (mountrw) or read / only (mountro) partition system
rb / rr reboot (rb) and reboot recovery (rr)
switchba will exchange bootanimation in /system/media with a bootanimation that is the root of the sd
zipalign_apks run the apk zipaligning on all of the system (redundant in this case because the zipaligning is automatic at boot)
Freemem [-55m] [-75m] [-st] [-ag], will tewak the internal task killet to leave always 55/75 megs of RAM, -st will bring it to stock settings while -ag set it to aggressive (100megs and + of free ram!)
godmode - will let you modify /system wit ANY file manager! (until a reboot)
install2system- will automatically install in /system/app, any apk found in /sdcard/system !!!
Cpuinfo - will give to you a LOT of informations about the cpu! (instead of install a program only to see it...)

Are also included:
Improvements of hosts blocked;
Nano text editor
Vi text editor
Bash (also set as default shell)
Como se puede ver, Luca usa Modificaciones de Nadlbak (CyanogenMod para Milestone), Dexter (MotoFrenzy, etc.), Scilarx_CZ (Editor de OpenRecovery y otros Hacks), Cyanogen Team, Cvcps (Mods para el Motorola Droid), etc.

Esta ROM, al igual que la CyanogenMod, puede ser instalada directo desde cualquier ROM, ya sea Froyo o Eclair lo que es un gran avance en este tipo de ROMs.


 Changelog 2.1.2

-Fast Wifi-BugFix (My mistake in including files)

-Porting Gingerbread transition animations!!

-NEW Gingerbread Theme
-themes updated

Changelog 2.1.1

-resync witch latest AOSP source
-optimization and more light codes
-Power Widget-> removed sync & added toggle 2g\3g
-optimization risorce & memory managment
-switcharing of the apps
gallery 2d\3d
music stock\music mod
phone stock\ phone mod
launcher 2d\3d
- added crystal talk to phone mod & phone AOSP
-added the froyo mod extras in settings
-boot sound added!! (DROOOOIIIID!! xD)
-tweaks in init.rc
-possibility to switch baseband
-themes updated

Changelog 2.1.0

Resync with AOSP-sources for updates
-Usb.apk -> Finally ZERO sleeping problems! -
GPS & aGPS-fixed! -> Now works very wll-
-Worked on the build process to optimize better the build on the device
-Unlock the menu key -> (thx cyanogen)
-Play/Pause With the camera button when the screen off! - -> (Thx to me XD)
 -> cyano Thx for the code, for relocation cleaning and rewriting of code credits to ME xD! (And also for integrating visual style more in line with Android stock!)
-iPhone/MIUI/GalaxyS style bouncing scroll! - ->taken from the code of MIUI project ! (Scroll "bouncing")
-Framework revised to be lighter and improve the performance of scrolling!
-Worked on Dalvik libraries to improve performance (The rom seems more agile!)
Launcher2.apk 3d-stock with the original 7 screens!
-Spareparts and revised Framework -> Now from spareparts, you can turn on the Icon BATTERY PERCENT AND THE COLOR OF NOTIFICATIONS without rebooting,for the clock is still necessary to restart ....
-PhonePortal-added for a Headline exactmatch support USB tethering, wifi and ActiveSync
-Made some cleanup of the app, even though some very useful they can be taken easily from the market!
-Native-Working USB tether! - _> I corrected the my previous error, 
-TewKernel-Updated and revised to offer even better performance! (fluency!)
-00_adbd_during_boot completely changed, now solved the mini-bug of USB not recognized the first time after reboot! now fully capable of operating without DRAWBACK! (Thx to me xD xD)


  • Muy positivo las opciones de esta ROM, saca lo mejor de cada una de las ROMs existentes.
  • La barra de notificaciones con los controles, siempre se agradece.
  • OverLcock moderado en 900Mhz y 52Vsel.
  • Buen rendimiento de la batería.
  • Los atajos de teclado son una gran ventaja.
  • Solo necesita de 1 Fix de GPS y de resto todo funciona bien (Faceboo, Teclado, C2P).
  • Algunas veces tiende a quedarse corto de Memoria.
  • A pesar de tantas modificaciones no es una ROM que sobresalga por su originalidad.
  • Aproximadamente 50 Megas ocupa en el espacio de almacenamiento.
  • Permite paso a la SD.
  • Rendimiento en el Linpack: 12.98 MFlops
  • Tiene un error con el TweetDeck no permite su ejecución (Gracias Fede por notificar) 
  • Vale la pena instalarla? Es parecida a Cronos, solo que trae un poco mas de opciones de personalización. Si ninguna de las que hemos publicado te convence, prueba esta y de seguro te convence.


Ninguno de los integrantes de AndroidVe nos hacemos responsables por algún tipo de daño en tu teléfono al llevar a cabo los procedimientos anteriormente descritos. Es responsabilidad de cada quien si decide hacer estos procedimientos. Cada procedimiento es probado por nosotros antes de publicarlo y su correcta ejecución garantiza el éxito del proceso!

No responderé a ninguna critica / reclamo si no estas conforme con el funcionamiento del Teléfono después de instalada esta ROM. La misma fue probada por mi y su funcionamiento, ventajas y contras han sido informados en este post



REALIZA UN NANDROID BACKUP DE TU SISTEMA ACTUAL, si algo no sale bien, o no te gusta puedes volver a como tenias antes todo. Si no sabes como hacer un Nandroid Backup o como moverte en el OpenRecovery  pasa por aquí

  • Descargar los archivo y colocarlos tal cual (son comprimidos .zip) en la carpeta SDCARD/OPENRECOVERY/UPDATES
  • Reiniciar y entrar en modo Recovery, acceder al Wipe & cleaning Menu y realizar WIPE / DATA (obligatorio)
  • Volver al Menu del OpenRecovery y entrar en Misscelanous Menu y aplicar el The-FroyoModv2.1.2 - por update
  • Reiniciar
  • Una vez salga el Menu de Bienvenida (con la imagen del Android que nos invita a iniciar) presionar la tecla de Power y nos mostrara las opciones de Reboot, escoger la opción Reboot en RecoveryMode
  • Una vez en el menu de OpenRecovery ir al menú Stock GOT Feautures Menu y buscar la opción "Baseband Menu" después elegir la opción Telus Baseband (ya con esto tendremos señal)
  • Reinicia y listo!

Descargas Extra:

Los siguientes temas no son creados por Luca, son adaptados por el para esta ROM, por lo cual no sirven para ningún otra!

Todos se instalan Vía Update (Descargar los archivo y colocarlos tal cual (son comprimidos .zip) en la carpeta SDCARD/OPENRECOVERY/UPDATES).

 BlackDroid Theme:

 BuglessEvolutionIF Theme:

No se garantiza la apariencia exacta en tu teléfono

Fuente: rasstaylor, xda Developers 89Luca89

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    Excelente post, esta en español esta rom???

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    PD: En el foro de XDA, subieron como 10 Theme

  • Lucio

    nose, por lo que entendi en la descripcion es una Cronos ROM con mas añadidos cierto?

    Si es asi, me quedo con la cronos que me parece una ROM del carajo, y pase por la cyanogen pero no me gusto, muchos reinicios, con la cronos llevo 1 mes y hasta ahora ningun reinicio forzado de esos

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    Gracias Rasstaylor, vi tu post en el foro de XDA para Luca. La otra aplicacion que me tira ese mismo forceclose, es el Osmonitor, pero mucho no la utilizaba salvo para ver los valores de overclock, en cambio era un usuario diario de TweetDeck y sus excelentes funciones. Desde ya gracias.

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  • maxi

    rass trata de conseguir la camara por defecto del samsung galaxy es muy buena y completa :P

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    No mw deja instalarla no se por que y me fc del teclado htc mod ime la verdad instale la telus 2.2.1 y arriba esta y nada no se porque

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    Rasstaylor pana una pregunta voy a instalar esta rom ya me decidi pero primero debo instalar la GOT cierto? toy con la rom original en el milestone

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    Oscar: eso es correcto, primero la GOT Froyo 2.2.1

    Jarod: algunas roms no permiten teclados extra

  • jarod

    Bueno intentare mañana de nuevo y daré detalles se ve buena esta ROM

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    muy bueno es post Rasstaylor una pregunta el OverLcock moderado en 900Mhz y 52Vsel viene con el update o hay q aplicarlo manualmente xq haciendo esto ultimo de aplicarlo manualmente no inicial el telefono se queda en logo de motorola una y otra ves inicia si entro en modo Recovery y remuevo el overclock q podria ser?

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    el gps no me localiza aun con el fix :/ creo que tendré que arreglarlo manualmente editando el archivo

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    Rasstaylor que tal, mira podrias poner la pagina/foro oficial de esta rom, que he visto la version 2.2.0 de esta rom en internet 7y quisiera probarla

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